Preparing For Autumn

Autumn at Monkton Elm

A Gardeners’ work never ends. 

As we start to feel the cold creeping in, it may look and feel like our gardens are winding down for winter. But this is one of the busiest times for gardeners! There are some key garden jobs that will help kick start your garden early next year

So, why do we say that the Autumn is natures planting time?

The soil temperature is still lovely and warm from the summer, and due to Autumns rainfall, its able to retain its moisture. The plants roots can establish themselves in this perfect environment before the onslaught of winter and frost. It also means less work and cost for the gardener—spring planting tends to be followed by a period of dry weather more and more these days, which means increased water usage and watering duties plus the need to check on your plants more often.



What plants are good to plant in Autumn?

Trees and shrubs in containers or in the ground are a good idea, At this time, they concentrating their efforts on developing and strengthening their root systems. This will increase their chance of survival through the winter.

It’s a good time to work on your lawn, which can be replaced or refreshed at this time of year. September is a good month for lawns as autumn’s rain helps with sward establishment.

Spring Flowering bulbs are a must for Autumn planting, not only do you get a wider variety and choice of bulbs early in the season, but once again, soil conditions are fantastic for bulb growth and establishment.


Now’s the time specifically for daffodils, crocus and hyacinths. Alliums, crocosmia and lilies are good to plant from September to October. Tulips should be left until November, to avoid disease, but we suggest you purchase them now as we have such wonderful new varieties in store that may not be available later in the season!

Hardy perennials are another good choice and will use this time to secure and strengthen their rooting systems.

Finally, containers and hanging baskets need their summer displays refreshed. You can replace with plants such as pansies, violas, primroses and cyclamen, mix them up with some lovely autumn foliage for colour and texture.

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