our five core charities 2024

Five Reasons, One Goal

For 2024, we’re supporting five core charities, with a goal of raising £5,000 throughout the year, with the proceeds being shared between our chosen charities. 

With the help of charitable donations, fundraising events and staff challenges, we hope to have reached this goal by the end of the year – keep an eye on our exciting activities and events in the near future.

As well as our five core charities, we will also be supporting a number of smaller local charities and groups with stands in-store throughout the year and store donations to local schools and groups. 

Parkinson’s UK

This is a charity we have worked with and supported for a number of years, in memory of our co-founder Luella Bellman.
Parkinson’s UK is committed to funding the right research into the most promising treatments to manage this debilitating disease.
Together, we can get closer to a cure every day. Until then, Parkinson’s UK is there to support everyone affected by this terrible disease.

We’ll find a cure. Together.

Learn more about Parkinson's UK here


Mind is a charity dedicated to fighting mental health. Nearly 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health issues, but most don’t get the help they need.
Mind provides supportive and reliable information to those experiencing a mental health problem, helping them to change their lives for the better.
All proceeds raised will go directly to Mind in Somerset, who understand the needs of OUR local community and tailor their services to match.

No-one should suffer mental health issues alone.

Learn more about Mind here

St Margaret’s Hospice Care

We have been honoured to support St Margaret’s Hospice Care for a number of years, and 2024 is no different.
St Margaret’s strives to make each day count for patients and their families facing a life-limiting illness across Somerset.
We are pleased to support their annual Glorious Gardens Campaign (https://www.st-margarets-hospice.org.uk/glorious-gardens) where by visiting any their gardens you will be supporting the charity, enabling them continue providing the high quality responsive and compassionate care and support to those who need it most.

Providing care with expertise and compassion for our local community.

Learn more about St Margaret's Hospice here

Rushton Dog Rescue

Rushton Dog Rescue is a dog sanctuary and rehoming centre based in Somerset. Founded in 2007, it has rescued thousands of dogs, cats, horses, ducks and many small wild animals and saved them from a life on unimaginable misery.
They try so hard not to turn away any animal in need and will always try to get them to safety. Through our Pet Centre and the support of our amazing customers, we are pleased to support this amazing charity in 2024 and the wonderful humanitarian work they do for distressed animals in need.

They’ve helped over 4,000 dogs get a life and dignity they deserve.

Learn more about Rushton Dog Rescue here


Greenfingers is a charity dedicated to supporting hospices who care for children with life-limiting and life threatening conditions.
We have supported them for a number of years in their quest to build therapeutic gardens at hospices for the children, their families and the carers where they can be together in a natural environment whilst undergoing treatment.
Quite simply Greenfingers create safe and protective spaces where children and their families can spend the most precious moments of time together.

Gardens helping bring families together in times of need.

Learn more about Greenfingers here

Helping locally

We also support a number of local charities and groups

In addition to the above, we also support a range of other local charities, schools, parish councils, community gardens and local community initiatives by welcoming them to the garden centre for their own fundraising initiatives, providing vouchers for fundraising purposes, prizes, local competitions, and programme advertising:

Fundraising stands you can find whilst visiting our centre:
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Air Ambulance
Wildlife Trust
Marie Curie

Flower shows we support and sponsor:
The Taunton Flower Show, Bridgwater Flower and Craft Show, Wellington flower show, Ruishton Flower Show.

Other groups we assist throughout the year:
Taunton Scouts, Taunton Thespians, West Monkton Parish Council, Community gardens, Local schools.