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Our team have a huge amount of Gardening knowledge and are more than happy to assist you don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance when you’re next in-store! And why not check out our monthly blog post, written by our very own Jane. You’ll find plenty of season specific tips and tricks within.

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Ideas for creating a great garden

If you are new to creating your own garden space, then always start small. Consider adding a small bed or border to a section of your garden to begin with. If your ground is not suitable then add a small, raised bed and fill it with quality compost. Once you are happy looking after this area then think about how to gradually expand.

When choosing plants for your new garden project make sure that first and foremost you choose plants that are attractive to you! This will help keep you motivated to nurture them. It is also important to take note of the conditions in the area… how much light will it get, is it sheltered from wind and rain and is the soil very clay (holds moisture) or does it drain quickly. Our plant staff will always be happy to advise you on suitable plants for your chosen location.

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