Environmental Policy

The environment is very important to us, so we take many steps to minimise our impact on the environment throughout all areas of our business…

  • Each year we recycle over 7 tonnes of cardboard and 2 ½ tonnes of soft plastic
  • Rigid plant trays are offered to customers to carry their plants home in, those that are not reused are sent for recycling.
  • Cardboard boxes that our stock arrives in, are offered to customers to take their shopping home in. All leftover cardboard is bailed and recycled.
  • Our plastic carrier bags are made from bio-degradable plastic, or alternatively we sell re-usable canvas shopping bags.
  • All scrap paper is placed in an on-site paper recycling bin, which is also available for customers to use.
  • We also have a recycle bin for clothing in our car park. All our old uniforms were sent to Africa via this bin.
  • We offer a used battery disposal facility in-store.
  • We mainly stock timber products with FSC certification.
  • We promote the sale of reduced peat products in line with government guidelines.
  • Wherever possible we stock plants from local growers, minimising the pollution from delivery vehicles.
  • Our other growers mostly demonstrate sustainable business practices.
  • All meat, fruit and vegetables are locally sourced.
  • All other food in the Restaurant is supplied by west-country suppliers.
  • We have a policy to stock products from local suppliers wherever possible.