Monkton Elm Garden Centre Events

We have a whole host of varied and exciting events on offer throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to join a friend for one of our wonderful Afternoon Teas in the Elm Tree Restaurant, or join our experts for an in depth chat on everything Gardening with our Gardening Group. We’re sure you’ll find the right event to suit you!

Festive and Seasonal Events

Throughout the year we host a number of Festive and Seasonal events. Whether it be a SPOOKY day out for Halloween, or Breakfast with Santa you’ll find plenty on offer throughout the year. So be sure to check in regularly so you don’t miss out!


Workshops and Gardening Talks

We host a number of workshops and Gardening Talks throughout the year. Including our monthly Gardening Group, and treats such as Basket Planting for Mother’s Day and Wreath making workshops for Christmas. 

Gardening in-store

We’ve got 20,000 products available in store. Constantly changing.

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Gardening online products

We have a sample of popular products available to buy online. Some with delivery to your door.

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Ideas for creating a great garden

If you are new to creating your own garden space, then always start small. Consider adding a small bed or border to a section of your garden to begin with. If your ground is not suitable then add a small, raised bed and fill it with quality compost. Once you are happy looking after this area then think about how to gradually expand.

When choosing plants for your new garden project make sure that first and foremost you choose plants that are attractive to you! This will help keep you motivated to nurture them. It is also important to take note of the conditions in the area… how much light will it get, is it sheltered from wind and rain and is the soil very clay (holds moisture) or does it drain quickly. Our plant staff will always be happy to advise you on suitable plants for your chosen location.