Furniture Covers

Covers you can trust

You can rest assured that our Garden Furniture covers are made to stand the test of time. With guarantees from 5-7 years and anti fade material, you can sleep soundly knowing your sets of furniture are protected from the elements.

Why would I need a cover if my set is guaranteed?

You would be right in saying that most modern Garden Furniture is built with defence from the elements in mind, however it is still suggested that you keep your sets covered during the winter months, when the weather will be at it's most extreme.

How would I know which cover is right for my set?

The best way to correctly pinpoint the best cover for your set would be to measure it. Do this by pulling the chairs up underneath the table and measuring from chair to chair to get the full width and length of your set. If it's a corner unit, we'd suggest measuring the area including table and any benches that may also be part of the set.

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