Garden Furniture – More Info

Outdoor Weave Furniture

It took a while for purists in the West Country to accept this newer style of garden furniture – the hold of traditional materials like teak is strong. Now however, the style is here to stay. Very little maintenance, extreme comfort and modern styling has ensured that this furniture has a huge following. Frames are frequently aluminium so are light, rustproof and strong and the weave itself is extremely resilient meaning very little up-keep.

Metal Furniture

Usually made from either Aluminium or Steel. Aluminium has the advantage of being lighter and will not rust. Steel is heavier, less likely to blow around and the famous Kettler range carries a 5 year anti-rust guarantee. Kettler furniture is used around the outside of both our Restaurant and Pondside Café. The lifestyle range from Scancom is very popular with people who struggle with heavy chairs, being made of aluminium with textile seating.

Wooden Furniture

Once again the material of much garden furniture. Maintenance – usually a rub down and application of an oil treatment once a year – has meant that modern day lifestyles have less time to maintain garden furniture. This is a shame as a quality set of hardwood garden furniture looks superb and will last for many years if regularly treated. Nothing really compares with the beauty of a top quality wooden set and hardwood is still the preference of many traditionalists