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The Mump Market Garden – Now available at Monkton Elm

Fresh and local are two words that are at the core of our Farm Shop. Fresh produce is rich in both flavour and nutrients ensuring that you are getting the tastiest possible produce. Local produce means less environmental impact from transporting of goods and less time from grower or producer to your plate. With our new supplier, The Mump Garden Market, you can now add organic to that list of key qualities.

Here in their own words is why we think this will be a great partnership going forward…

The Mump is a fledgling Market Garden set on a 4 Acre field across from the Mump in the village of Burrowbridge After 4 years of developing our skills 2021 Is our first season growing commercially.

We are very lucky to of been given this opportunity by Monkton Elm Garden Centre to bring our produce direct to you.

Our produce is harvested twice weekly, Tuesdays and Friday mornings and is in this fridge by 12 0 clock that day.

Food Miles are measured in single digits, 7. Just under actually! from where the crops are grown, to here. One trip 20 minutes, on the day of harvest.

No Dig
Our focus is on healthy, living soil, biodiversity and closed loop cycles to feed and protect our crops.

No Nasties
We rely on natural or organic methods of pest and disease control.

No Reliance on Fossil Fuels
The Farm is entirely off grid. We don’t have a Tractor. We grow, cultivate, and harvest all our crops using innovative hand and battery tools and a whole lot of hard work, love and care.

No Single Use Plastics
Like Zero. All our packaging is compostable or biodegradable, recycled or reusable. We encourage you to return any packaging items here and we will collect and deal with them appropriately.

Delicious and Nourishing
We think that all of the above adds up to the freshest, most sustainably grown, most nutrient rich and most importantly, most delicious, seasonal vegetables you will ever buy!
In addition the above points, any leftover produce that is not sold will be returned to The Mump where it will be composted for use on the next crop!

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