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The ever popular Primrose

The primrose is a native European plant, which derives its name from the Latin ‘prima’, or first, and ‘rosa’ or rose. The first rose, meaning a symbol for the arrival of spring in the UK. In the Middle Ages primroses were used to make love potions.

As well as this the plant was also used in the past as an expectorant for the treatment of bronchitis and as a mild sedative to cure anxiety and insomnia. Primroses are perfect for providing some much needed vibrant, early colour in the garden. They’re delightful plants that signal the start of spring and there are many different colours available to choose from including your basic pink, blue and red or the more interesting varieties of white with pink edges, purple with white edges or white with purple edges.

This month they can be potted up into a tub or container and they are relatively happy in semi-shade. Deadhead them regularly and be sure to water when the soil on the top of the pot is dry to the touch. Make sure not to over water.

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