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Plant Of The Month – July – Salvia

There are many different types of Salvias, some hardy and some not so hardy.  All are hard working summer flowerers, filling your garden with delightful blooms for many weeks.  Choose from shrub-like Salvias, such as the popular ‘Hot lips’;  its red and white dainty flowers cover the plant and provide a nectar source for bees, or perhaps try one of the herbaceous types like Salvia ‘Caradonna’ with upright spikes of rich blue during early summer.  A second flush of flowers can be encouraged by cutting the plant back after flowering.  The less hardy types need a little protection to get them through the winter but are well worth the effort – try Amistad, a deep purple-blue with husky purple calyces which flowers for weeks from summer to autumn, or one from the ‘Salgoon’ series, a range of beautifully coloured Salvias.

Salvias love the sunshine and free draining soil and many thrive in pots.   Hardy Salvias should survive the winter in the garden, and less hardy types can be moved under cover for the winter.

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