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Amazing Grafted Vegetable Plants

We are now offering the latest ‘turbo-boosted’ vegetable plants that are proven to produce 75% more fruit than traditional varieties.

We are stocking a range of grafted greenhouse crops, including tomatoes, aubergines, chillies, and cucumbers, from our supplier, Suttons, because tests have proven the collection to be far superior to regular veggies. They are also described by Suttons as being a turbo range because of their ability to produce more fruit, earlier, lower on a plant and over a longer period!

How are plants grafted?
Two plants are grown simultaneously; a tasty fruiting variety and a super-strong rootstock. The tops of the of the fruiting variety and the super-strong rootstock are carefully and skilfully removed by hand using a small blade to slice at an angle across each stem.

The rootstock bottom and the top of the fruiting plant are then grafted together using a special clip which drops off naturally as the plant grows.

The benefits of Suttons new grafting process..

 – At least 1 extra fruiting truss per plant
 – Up to 75% more fruit than ordinary tomato plants*
 – Earlier fruiting
 – Longer fruiting period
 – Greater yields
 – Even greater resistance to pests and disease
 – Even better for outdoor growing

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