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A Brief Message From Our Furniture Team

The last year or so has shown us a great many things. That the human spirit and desire to push on is incredibly strong.  That no matter how uncertain times may be, we plucky brits will always find a way to drive through the worst of it.  But it has also created a huge strain on the supply chain of a great many items. One of the worst hit ranges in terms of stock shortages this year has been garden furniture and general outdoor living goods.

Here at Monkton Elm, our furniture department- Lead by Tom with help from Josh. Has strived to maintain the utmost in customer satisfaction, regardless of the great many issues and unforeseen hiccups that this year has brought with it.  We thank all our customers, especially those who have been patiently waiting for their sets to arrive. As we move toward the furniture season of 2022, we are acutely aware that the shipping woes of last year, may follow us into next.

As such, we have expanded our overall intake of garden furniture stock for the year of 2022. We hope this will allow us to bypass many of the issues that we have had to face this year in terms of stock availability. All of which, will be available to view/buy via our online store.  One of the worst hit lines for availability was of course, the vastly popular Kadai Firebowls. As these are hand made in India, their factories and stock production has been greatly affected by the outbreak of covid in India earlier this year. We have ensured we have a great deal of stock available as we move into the winter months. However, we are anticipating that stock availability may become an issue again moving into 2022.

Conservatory furniture is currently seeing the largest lead-time that we have seen in recent memory, this is due to issues shipping materials from abroad. We do hope to see these lead-times decrease as the shipping situation gradually gets better. Though, as we’ve seen throughout this last year the fluidity of the shipping woes means that one week it may seem to be getting better, the next dramatically worse. We can but apologise for this and thank you all for bearing with us during this uncertain period in retail.

Garden furniture was greatly affected by shipping issues this year. This is due to the lack of ships and container space available to ship items out of their production hubs and into the hands of retailers. This in turn is due to the swathe of global lockdowns earlier in 2020 which has created a backlog of demand which is still heavily affecting the industry. As many ports were locked down, and a great deal of containers and ships were used to send out PPE, as well as shipping staff facing quarantines. The stress on global supply was tremendous. Though these lockdowns have since ended. The knock-on effect was a string of delayed deliveries, containers and ships being in ports where they otherwise wouldn’t, lack of shipping staff, lack of container space aboard the ships that were afloat and of course rising shipping rates. All of which, came together to form the great shipping crisis faced by all retailers and suppliers throughout 2021. Adding to this stress, is the current lack of drivers available to take containers from ports to retailers. These issues are slowly getting better but are still a great cloud hanging above the heads of all suppliers and retailers across the globe.Though it may seem all doom and gloom, there is a bright light at the end of this dreary tunnel.  As previously mentioned, we are looking forward to a great range of new garden furniture in the new year. From suppliers such as the ever-popular Bramblecrest and the tried and tested Leisure-Grow. With more from our old faithful Grill stream BBQ’s as well. Our Outdoor living team is highly motivated and completely driven toward ensuring your purchase here at Monkton Elm exhibits the very best in customer service. We thank you all and ask that you bear with us through these uncertain times.

As always, our online shop will be updated with our new ranges as soon as they become available and is a great way of seeing just what stock we have on offer before heading on over to try out your desired set. Josh will be placing all of 2022’s sets online, as soon as stock information and images become available. Though they may be listed as out of stock (due to their pending delivery) it will still be possible to pre-order a set you’ve seen by giving us a call on 01823 412381 or sending an email to .

We look forward to seeing you all soon and thank you for your patience during the current times.

With thanks,
The Outdoor living and Garden Furniture department.

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